Demon's Souls Reviews

I hope you're ready for another small wave of enthusiastic Demon's Souls reviews, because that's exactly what I'm bringing to your attention in this newsbit.


UGO forks out a perfect "A":

While not designed for mainstream consumption, Demon's Souls is still a fantastic for its audience and shines as one of, if not the best RPG on the PS3. It can be brutal, but if you have the will to embrace the challenge, it is unbelievably entertaining and will give you dozens of hours of enjoyment.

RPGamer also hits it with a perfect 5/5:
How long it will take to complete Demon's Souls will depend largely on how quickly you're able to complete each level, but my playtime was roughly thirty-five hours towards the end of the game, which would put the final tally at around forty. Atlus's special edition version of the game comes with a complete strategy guide, which will likely help those looking to explore the game fully. The game has a lot of complexities to it that would be difficult to discover on one's own. The game is very hard, but not unfairly so; each time you die, you'll learn a bit more about the level, and you'll be able to progress a bit further. I was very surprised with what I found in Demon's Souls. My initial, skeptical reaction to the game's announcement has turned full circle on me: Demon's Souls is the best game I've played all year.

Gaming Age finds it deserving of an "A-":
I found Demon's Souls to be very addicting, especially when you make full use of the multiplayer features. There's no way to sugar coat the difficulty though, and even I had to put the game down for a couple days just to take a deep breath before going back to it. But, the things that draw you back in are the superior level design, morose artwork, and engaging gameplay.

And then Kotowari comes in without a score:
I know the caliber of gamers that read my site aren't afraid of a challenge, so long as there is a great game tying it all together.  I assure you that Demon's Souls nails this formula, providing a healthy challenge, an immersible atmosphere, and a complex but enjoyable system.  This game offers a truly rare experience and is easily my favorite title of 2009.  Come October 6th, I will eagerly begin my journey again in the game, and I strongly urge you do to the same!