Star Wars: The Old Republic Video Interview

G4 is hosting a nearly seven-minute interview they did with Star Wars: The Old Republic producer Jake Neri during the recent Penny Arcade Expo. Topics include the challenges of integrating a single player narrative in an MMORPG, how best to deliver a heroic experience, what the other unrevealed classes might be, and more. I'm just going to nab their snippet:
"What we're really trying to do with The Old Republic is introduce the idea of story into an MMO. The genre has a ton of good games -- games that focus on combat and exploration and progression, but when we came together with BioWare to make this game, we wanted to focus on story and what that means in an MMO.

When we looked at the combat and we started out, the goal was to make it heroic and cinematic. One thing that's interesting -- I don't know if everybody knows -- is that everything that we've shown is up to level eight. At level eight, most classes you see are pretty impressive. We've got cool bounty hunter abilities that people look at and say, 'Wow, I can't wait to do that!' Our Sith warrior flipping through the air and rocking people to the skull -- people want to do that, right? It's cool. It's unique. It's exciting. It's heroic. From the beginning of the game, we're trying to deliver that experience."