Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

LucasArts' Jake Neri and BioWare Austin's Blaine Christine tackle another pile of questions about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and this time they were submitted by Ten Ton Hammer's community.
Ten Ton Hammer: When you say 100s of hours of gameplay per class, are you talking about different story branches?

Blaine Christine: Basically that's inclusive of how the average user is going to spend X amount of time exploring and how we think it will play out considering other things like your social activities. So based on that we think the average player will take 100s of hours to get through the story.

Jake Neri: And that's to complete the story as well as all of the action that's associated with that story.

Blaine Christine: Exactly. If you were driving through '˜just' to complete the story, would it take you that long? Probably not, but if you're playing as an average person who's playing through more of the content, then yes it will take that long.

Jake Neri: And this is not 200 hours of you sitting and doing dialogue. This includes all of the action, the stories and the missions. We get that a lot where people may think, man am I just going to have to sit down and watch a story? But actually the story, on a percentage basis, is a lot smaller than the actions associated with that story. We've got a ton of gameplay per class and that is something that is unique for us, is a challenge for us and it's a key differentiator and we're pretty proud of that.