Mass Effect: Redemption Interview, Part Two

The second portion of UGO's Mass Effect: Redemption interview with writer Mac Walters is now available for our endless scrutiny.
Licensed comics can be (unfortunately) seen as a ghetto for comic books. How do you intend to make Mass Effect: Redemption stand out from a "just another video game comic book" situation?

I think the key to that is that Dark Horse approached us and said they wanted to make the comic. Rather than just saying "Here's all our information on the IP and go nuts" or taking it over ourselves and thinking we know how to make a comic book and trying to do it all ourselves and holding onto it, we entered into a partnership. I worked really closely with the guys at Dark Horse, back and forth, sending script ideas back and forth, working with the artist there as well, and our artists working with their artist. So that what we're doing is saying "Yes, we're experts in the IP and the lore and everything that goes with this, but we acknowledge that Dark Horse, you're the experts in making comics so you tell us how to make a really great comic and we'll tell you how to really explore the Mass Effect Universe....