Borderlands Preview

Gearbox's Borderlands seems to be gaining a lot of momentum, with yet another hands-on preview hitting the Internet this weekend. This time around, it's over at CVG:
Out in Borderlands' world there are few friends. Occasionally you'll find somebody to talk to, and more often than not you'll discover recordings which set up side-quests. But the majority of roamers are hostile, and they'll need to be taken down as you scavenge. The bandits in this area are ruled by the fearsome Nine Toes, and your next task is to hunt him down and wipe him out.

With over a million automatically generated weapons, ammo juggling could have been troublesome. Gearbox has made it simple: every weapon is placed into one of eight categories and ammunition for that weapon class is universal.

Provided you have the dollars you can buy ammo from vending machines (pay attention to the timed special offers too, as we managed to pick up rubberised grenades - great for bouncing and exploding on enemy contact), otherwise you'll need to search dead bodies. Whenever anybody dies they'll drop all the items in their possession. Tap x and you'll pick up the object you're looking at. Hold the button and you'll scoop up everything. A similar trick works with new weapons; tap x and you'll stick it in your pack, hold x and it becomes your equipped gun. The control nuances are simple but really aid equipment juggling.