Demon's Souls Reviews

With the North American version of Atlus' Demon's Souls only a month away from release, I thought I'd post about some of the game's recent reviews.

Gamer Limit gives it a 9.5/10:
Demon's Souls has completely revolutionized the action genre as we know it. While it remains a single player affair at its core, great strides were made to get other players involved in an action adventure experience, something Fable II tried and failed in the past. While casual gamers should be wary of the game's extreme difficulty, if you have any sort of strategic acumen, you will easily be able to figure a solution to any problem, and that's a truly gifted design choice.

Games Are Evil covers the tutorial and first level:
When I say I can't get to the first Demon, what I mean is that the first level is so incredibly difficult, and so foreign to me as a gamer, that I can't seem to get through the whole thing without dying. Repeatedly. I've touched my own bloodstain three or four times now. What i find absolutely compelling, though, is that I want to keep playing. Most games, if I was this frustrated this early on, I'd stop playing. I might even write a clever post about games that are too hard for old guys like me. But not here. I'm compelled to play this game. I'm really honestly interested in honing my strategy, skills, and equipment into the perfect set of (stuff) to see me through the level. Because each time I attempt it, I learn something new about how to approach this game.

And RPGamer shares some final impressions:
At the end of my first play session, I couldn't believe how long I'd been playing and just how engrossed I was in the experience. For gamers that complain about RPGs being a cakewalk, they should try Demon's Souls. The game is challenging, but never in my time was I frustrated beyond my own stupid mistakes. I was never pitted against overpowered enemies with no way out, as there were always other options. All of the issues that people are afraid of and whining about are irrelevant. The world is amazingly detailed, the gameplay is solid, the battles are intense, and the entire experience is surprisingly addictive. Demon's Souls is amazing, so don't be a pansy, pick it up.