Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC Review

The guys over at GameHeros are next in line to offer up a review of Pinnacle Station, in which they give the newly released Mass Effect DLC a score of 8/10.
The pack almost being exclusively combat driven and almost no story at all is probably its biggest Achilles heel. If you liked the combat in Mass Effect then you'll enjoy this, but if you were merely putting up with it in order to explore the world and storyline, then you might want to skip this. Though I enjoy the combat of Mass Effect, it being more intense than it usually is in the campaign, does highlight some of the problems that are in the game. The biggest of those problems being, the AI seems to have two modes, stand back and shoot in the open or run straight at you and try to elbow you in the face. The animation and frame-rate problems are magnified when you have huge robots chugging at you so they can deliver the killing bitch-slap. The simulator itself poses a problem; it randomly spawns enemies, so it can sometimes spawn them excessively close to you or behind you.