Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.23.1765 Patch Released

While working on our Storm of Zehir walkthrough, we discovered that Obsidian Entertainment has released the promised v1.23.1765 for Neverwinter Nights 2. In addition to fixing several crashes, the patch "modifies the SecuROM implementation" and removes the requirement to have the disc in the drive during launch. The notes:
- Modified the SecuROM implementation. This should remove some of the crashes people have experienced with 1.23, and you no longer need to have the game disc in the drive to play the game.

- Fixes for AMD Athlon XP chips that were experiencing some crashes.

- Enabled Instant Feats.

- Some odds and ends on top of that.

- Athlon XP crashes upon launching autodownloader in-game fixed

- Athlon XP crashes when launching toolset fixed.

- SecuROM - Blue Screen of Death issue resolved. Game disk dependency removed.

- Instant feat column added to feats.2da

- Toolset: plugin warning message no longer hides behind the splash screen

- Toolset: Bottom entries no longer get truncated in the blueprint palette (and other locations that use the new filter)

- Toolset: 2GB limit when staging files for Autodownloader has been fixed.
Good call. I tip my hat to you, Obsidian.