Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Preview

WorthPlaying has provided us with a closer look at Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Konami's upcoming strategy/RPG for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
Characters can even use multiple weapons at once. You can have a sword user who also casts magic, or switch between a melee weapon and bow depending on the enemy's distance. However, you don't simply get these abilities right off the bat; characters must equip a weapon and use it in order to get better with it. Magic spells must be learned from books that you've equipped, and until you've mastered magic, you can't cast it without the book. Either way, this allows a lot of customization options for your characters, although there are also certain risks. Focusing equally on multiple skills will make your characters versatile but also make them weaker in general. You'll have to decide carefully if a character is better off using only one weapon or if he's better off as a versatile jack-of-all-trades.