Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

IGN brings us the latest hands-on preview of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, straight from the show floor of GamesCom.
The conversation system follows the trends of recent BioWare games where the player is given a choice of various tones during the conversation rather than selecting specific lines of dialogue. The different responses are selected either using the number keys on the keyboard or clicking them with the mouse. Since we had recently killed the captain in our last demo, we opted to save him and see how the sequence played out. We were still able to adopt a relatively malevolent personality through it all, but managed to rationalize sparing the captain as the quickest and most efficient way to fulfill the Grand Moff's request to engage the battleship. With the captain on our side now, the ship hyperjumped to the enemy battleship.


Of course, no demo for The Old Republic would be complete without at least one unanswered question and this time around, it had to do with multiplayer conversations. During the demo with Dallas, there were two characters confronting the captain. Determining which of the characters get to pick the next conversation option is currently determined randomly. The trouble is that the conversation choices often have significant consequences. Since this is an MMO where you can't save your game and reload it to try to get a different outcome, the designers are looking into ways to protect individual players during group conversations. Right now, it's a bit of an unknown but BioWare is testing a few ideas.
Recent BioWare "games"? Mass Effect is the only game that incorporated dialogue "tones", unless Steve is already counting the sequel.