Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Warrior Q&A

GameSpot has conjured up a Q&A with BioWare Austin's James Ohlen and Emmanuel Lusinchi that officially takes the wraps off another of Star Wars: The Old Republic's classes - the Sith Warrior.
GS: Aside from using the weapon to slice through droids and enemy soldiers, what other lightsaber-based abilities will this character have?

EL: While Jedi use flowing and elegant lightsaber forms, the Sith Warrior's attacks are all about uncontrollable rage and the overwhelming use of force. Impale, a gratuitously brutal and generally downright lethal attack, is a good example of the Sith Warrior's powers. The ability is what we call a "spender." The character can use it only once he has whipped himself into a fine rage, typically in the middle of a fight. Since such devastating power would be wasted on an already-wounded enemy, the smart warrior prefers to unleash it on a fresh attacker for, under the right circumstances, an instant kill. Also, I find that impale is a very satisfying way to finish a long fight against a powerful foe.


GS: Even though traditional Star Wars imagery places both Jedi and Sith in long, flowing robes, it sounds like the Sith Warrior isn't afraid to don heavy armor--even experimental stuff. How does the concept of a Sith wearing heavy armor fit into the universe proper? Can you give some examples of established Sith characters who kit themselves out this way?

JO: Darth Vader is the most famous example of a Sith wearing armor. While Vader's armor was really a life support suit, we felt that wearing armor was an iconic part of the class, especially if we were going to [emulate] Vader. There are other examples of Sith wearing armor in Star Wars fiction (Exar Kun, Darth Krayt, Darth Bane). Even Obi-Wan from Clone Wars wears armor.