Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

We can chalk up another enthusiastic review for Drakensang: The Dark Eye, thanks to the guys at VGBlogger. Their verdict is "Buy It", with this conclusion:
If you think about it, those being my worst complaints about the game - slow movement, one disproportionately difficult battle, missing stuff in the manual and help text, and a somewhat cliched story - I must really like this game. And I do. It is not the sort of game that ten years from now people will be touting as '╦ťone of the best' the way they will The Witcher, but it is a very good game that is one of the best RPG's of the last several years. It has everything that fans of the genre seek - role-playing, choices with consequences, party-based adventuring, turn-based combat, an epic story that allows you to influence the outcome in many ways, and so on. But for those who are not enamored with fantasy games, or don't like turn-based games, and gravitate to fast-paced action games, there isn't anything here to draw you in. This is not a .enre broadening' game like Fallout 3 that bridges shooter and RPG elements - Drakensang is pure RPG through and through.

And for myself and fans of the genre, that is exactly why we love it!