Drakensang: The Dark Eye Reviews

A couple of new reviews for Radon Labs' Drakensang: The Dark Eye hit the Internet earlier this week.

First we have DarkZero with a score of 5/10:
Overall the game looks impressive; detailed character models, impressive green vistas, well done animations (although a bit long for some skills/spells), and generally compelling to watch humanoid to humanoid fighting. The game comes into its own with character skills; in some ways it makes sense that initial customisation of your character is absent, as you can essentially change any character to be any other class on the fly if you put in enough time, money and training points, although obviously the beginning stats will limit your potential maximum effectiveness. This may be an issue with fellow number crunchers like myself, but to the average Joe there is almost a game within a game for the amount of combat, passive and situation-specific skill choices for your character to take (although while controlling a party of 4, it is obviously better to diversify).


I will say that I have spent enough time on this game to encompass my two playthroughs of Mass Effect, or both of the Knights of the Old Republic titles. And I can honestly say that, in comparison, I didn't enjoy one minute of it. Good-day.

Then we move to Computer Games Romania, where the score is a 75/100:
Drakensang is interesting and can keep you glued to your seat, but its replay value isn't quite as high as it could have been and the sometimes overzealous difficulty can be a turn-off for newcomers. There aren't too many reasons for a second playthrough, especially since the game is quite long, but not necessarily because it offers huge amounts of content, but due to the various design elements that artificially increase the play time (the movement speed of the heroes, for instance).

Fortunately, the producers will have the chance to fix these shortcoming in the already announced prequel The River of Time and I hope that this new title will be a bit more polished, so that we may have something to praise. Till then, those who want to take a walk in Aventuria will have to a lot of ground to cover filled with just about everything, but they'll be disappointed by some aspects that prevent Drakensang from reaching further.