BioShock 2's Big Daddy in July Issue of GamePro

GamePro's July issue will be pulling back the veil on the new iteration of BioShock's Big Daddy, as played by the protagonist in 2K Marin's upcoming sequel.
GamePro's July 2009 issue is jam-packed with BioShock 2 exclusives, including five pages of new details on the multiplayer mode and fresh insights into the game's mysterious storyline and chief villain (and no, it ain't the Big Sister).

But here, for the first time, GamePro unveils the new character design for this prototype Big Daddy, who you will control in BioShock 2's new single-player experience. As the original Big Daddy prototype, you're faster and more versatile in combat than the lumbering brutes you battled in the first game. Between the arm-mounted power drill, the punishing Rivet Gun, and a new arsenal of Plasmid powers, this new Big Daddy is one tough cookie.

But enough talk! Below, feast your eyes on the first public image of BioShock 2's new Big Daddy design. Then pick up the July 2009 issue of GamePro to see more new images and concept art, new HD screenshots, and a huge analysis of BioShock 2's new multiplayer mode (a prequel to the first BioShock).
I honestly don't care about multiplayer in a game like this. All I want to see is better character development, a wider variety of plasmids, and some meaningful choices (and, no, harvesting or saving Little Sisters doesn't count).