Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Review

GameSpot turns their scrutiny toward Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate, awarding Ossian's adventure pack a "fair" 6.5/10.
Wildly careening difficulty is another issue with quest design. Some battles are amazingly easy. You can soar through many scraps in moments, with your party carving up the opposition before you can tell if you're fighting a mummy or a zombie. However, others are absolutely brutal--Throne of Bhaal brutal. There are more than a couple of moments in the game in which your party is ambushed by enemy spellcasters that rip you to pieces before you can even think about a proper response. You can generally get through these battles by dropping into puppet mode and taking control of each party member. Yet even fighting in this quasi-turn-based fashion isn't a quick ticket to success. The toughest brawls in the game require a good half-dozen or more reloads, which makes victory in them seem more like pure "Hey, I finally knocked down that mage!" luck than any sort of spellcasting strategizing that you might concoct.


But even despite its many flaws, Mysteries of Westgate offers a reasonable stopgap for NWN2 fans desperate for new content for an even more reasonable 10 bucks. It also finally includes the downloadable adventure-pack program for the D&D franchise, which at least offers the promise of bigger and better modules to come.