Drakensang: The Dark Eye Ergo's Fixpack Released

Our forum member Ergopad has been diligently working on a Drakensang: The Dark Eye fixpack over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention in case anyone wants to introduce some tweaks and new equipment to their installation. Here's the changelog from version 1.3:
- XP gain fine tune to -20%
- Special Dark -beer now restores 15 ED instead of 5.
- Klarum Purum and Balm of Healing -spells have casting time according to P&P rules
- Changed party member attributes to -1 to follow better P&P archetypes
- Leather Arm Greaves #1 has now new graphics and 0.2 encumbrance
- Leather Arm Greaves #2 has new name "Elven Arm Greaves" with a bit higher price
- Added LOT(!) of new items *5). All with unique icons (and some even with unused model)
- All types of bolts have been improved *6)

*5) New Items
All of these things can be found from shops in Praios' Square.

Gloves of Fencing Mastery:
- Parry bonus +2
- Unique model (was unused)

Master's Small Sword:
- Average rapier with +2 DP

Light of Praios:
- Scimitar with 50% chance of knockdown

- Dagger with 25% chance of wounds

Staff of the Druids:
- Mage staff with +2 Domination magic talents and +5 astral energy bonuses

Death Lance:
- Good spear with +3 DP

The Witch Robe:
- Black robe with +2 Nature talents and +1 Charisma bonuses

Shadow Armor:
- Dark leather armor with +2 Sneak and +1 Pick Pockets bonuses