Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

Hardcore Gamer Magazine reviews Drakensang: The Dark Eye and is mostly positive, especially about the price tag of 30 USD. They give the game a 3.75/5.
The game starts of like any good ol' RPG should: there is trouble brewing and you will be given the task to fix it! Summoned to the city of Ferdok by an old friend, you will discover that the city has been shaken by a series of murders. From here on out, you will be presented with new quests and challenges that pack the game with over 40 hours of herb-picking, wolf-hacking, problem-solving goodness. Drakensang does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to its story progression. Solving problems, moving for one town to the next, it's all things we've done before. However, the game is well-written and you will find yourself easy engrossed in the development of your character and the living and thriving world around you.

Creating a character is as easy as you need it to be or as complex as you want it to become. The game offers you over 20 pre-made characters to choose from such as Warriors, Amazons, Mages and Pirates. In addition, you will have more than 40 spells, with over 30 talents and almost 40 special abilities allow a large range of possibilities for character creation. If you are an experienced player and are familiar with TDE universe, you can go into advance mode and tweak your character's attributes to make it your own. I decided to go pre-made female meta mage; I trust you TDE.