Eight Confessions of a Star Wars Galaxies CSR

A former Star Wars Galaxies customer service representative (CSR) has published an interesting set of "confessions" from the time he spent working on the game for Sony Online Entertainment.
The AT AT - For the most part player vs player combat was lopsided. Everyone and their mom wanted to be a Luke Skywalker type, and eventually become a jedi. One day as I was helping a player on Ahazi get his items back, when I saw that they were in the middle of getting dominated by a bunch of Rebel players. At this time I was still green when it came to spawning stuff because up until later, we really weren't allowed to do it. So as the Rebels continued to destroy everything in site, I decided to throw down some storm troopers. This really didn't slow the Rebels down so I began to pump out some of the higher level NPCs. At this time I'm pretty sure the guy told his guild that I was helping their city stay alive so they started shouting (We need an AT AT to win this!) At first I was like (ya not gonna happen) but as I saw the Rebels pretty much taking control of everything I decided '˜meh what the hell'. So I ended up dropping the AT AT on the outskirts and then dragged it into the battle. Probably the most fun those players have ever had. I would have gotten away with it too, but someone made a video of the event and posted it on the forums.

Server Wide Raids - When server numbers start to drop, so does the level of fun. As a rule of thumb you were never supposed to use the galaxy broadcast message unless it was to alert players of a server shut down, or your name was Pex (the events manager). However, late one night I made a judgment call to breath some new life into the servers I was in charge of (Lowca and Starsider). So without warning I began to make up some role playing type of broadcasts *Rebels need reinforcements at X location immediately* or *Imperial Transmission - need PvP support at X location now!* I had a folder with over 500 spectacular player vs player combat screenshots that I unfortunately forgot to save when I left.