Gothic 3 v1.70 Patch Notes and Teaser Video

World of Gothic has posted some notes and a short teaser video for Gothic 3's upcoming v1.70 community patch.
'¢ Estimated release date in march (when there will be no heavy problems again)
'¢ Size: between 800-1000MB
'¢ Contain all previous patch versions, including Patch 1.12
'¢ Patch can installed over each version (but it is recommendable to make a complete new Gothic 3 installation)
'¢ Installed modifications must delete (or make a backup) before installing the patch because modifications will be not compatible with the Patch 1.70
'¢ Patch is for all languages
'¢ Begin a new game is a must
'¢ Savegames from version 1.60 and before are not compatible and will be not shown in the menu
'¢ Around 700 changelog entries (with every small changes and world changes there are several thousands bugfixes)
'¢ Sword sound, weather sounds
'¢ Alternative Balancing (changes at items like weapons, armors, perks, magic etc.); can be switched on/off but after that restart the game; this balancing replaces not the original fight system but it is only alternative
'¢ Hero can attack by 1-3 enemies in melee fight at the same time (depend on the difficulty); work only with activated alternave balancing
'¢ New AI (new melee fight system); can also be switched on/off; opponents are much smarter and better
'¢ Increase performance (depend of the computer of the player)
'¢ Release of Humanforce's quest package at the same time (first in German, also in English I believe)

Thanks, RPGWatch.