Star Trek Online Preview

The editors at preview the upcoming Cryptic MMO Star Trek Online in an early impressions piece.
This brings us to our next innovation, ship interiors. Personally, I was glad to hear Cryptic is going to delay player's ability to walk around freely on their ships (announced at the NYCC). First,hear me out! With how vast all the ships, space stations and facilities on both sides Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force are, you're talking about hundreds of hours of development time. I would rather wait to hopefully see great interior designs on my Bridge and Captain's Quarters rather than to see some rushed, buggy environment where I can lag through the halls and get stuck in a wall, you know what I mean? I wouldn't mind seeing something similar to what Star Wars Galaxies did with the expansion Jump to Lightspeed, but of course in a better fashion.

PvP is also going to where no other MMO has gone before. Ground combat is said to be a lot of run and gun, duck and hide, fast paced action. Whether or not to set your phasers to stun is completely optional! Hand to hand combat has been talked about, the most promising looking thing that I've seen is the ability to beam aboard an enemy vessel and take on your foes, face to face. Instead of a fast paced, Star Wars style space battles, STO will feature a more strategy involved combat system. I've seen a few notes from STO's developers stating that it will be more of a normal Star Trek fight: powering shields, moving power around the ship to compensate for damage or diverting more power to your phasers and photon torpedoes. PvP is said to include maneuvering around an enemy vessel to further damage its exposed side, or to pummel its engines - so that the enemy's vessel is a sitting duck. classic naval engagement. Early stages of PvP seem to be happening on the ground and in space, although Cryptic hasn't released much information about PvP. I'm going to bet a lot of players will be especially interested in this aspect, meeting their foes with rapid phaser fire or pulling a Worf maneuver, RAMMING SPEED!