Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

There haven't been a lot of Drakensang reviews to go around, though PC Gamer UK is the next online source to step up to the plate. The game gets a 7/10, but "you can definitely do worse in the current RPG void".
In the case of Drakensang, it's not the big dramatic moments that make the difference, so much as a lot of the smaller details coming together. You finally start getting fights that demand more than just having everyone steam in, swords clanking. The fiddly, frustrating character development system never stops being fiddly, but you start to realise the benefit of the extra control especially with a full party. With a full party, the initially horrific camera and control system actually makes sense. The list goes on. You have to force yourself to get to this stage, and RPG designers need to realise that get into the town where the game starts' isn't an acceptable opening objective, but at least your patience is rewarded with something more satisfying than just bigger numbers and heftier whacking-sticks with which to slay evil.