Drakensang: The Dark Eye Launch Trailer and More

Radon Labs' official Drakensang: The Dark Eye website has been updated with a new launch trailer, as well as information about the Middlerealm Battlemage archetype.
The battlemage trains at the Andergast Battle School, a practically-oriented academy that specializes in training warrior wizards. He wreaks fiery devastation on his enemies, but he also knows how to defend himself with a staff. The Andergast Battle School: The academy housed in a two-story stone building within a three pace-high, stone enclosure in the capital city. The only entrance is via a wrought-iron gate bearing the academy seal: a pentagram with two crossed staves and an acorn (heraldic green on silver). The courtyard is full of wooden frames that are obviously used for physical training, and the interior facade of the wall is covered in soot and scorch marks.