Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

The Camelot Herald has been updated with yet another Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A feature. Some good news if you've ever considered resubscribing to DAoC:
Q. Hello. I've recently been considering reactivating my DAoC account to see what has changed in the world since I last played (about 4 years ago!). Could you tell me if my characters are still available to be played?

Also, I'm using the same computer I did back when DAoC first came out (albeit with a graphics card and ram upgrade). Will I be able to handle the client? What are the system requirements these days?

A. The Lady of the Jewels quick as can be had this to say: We do not delete characters from inactive accounts, so unless someone has deleted the characters they will always remain for them to return to.

As far as system requirements, if you are looking at running just Catacombs, which is now a free client, the system requirements can be found here http://support.darkageofcamelot.com/kb/article.php?id=764. For Darkness Rising and Labyrinth of the Minotaur the requirements can be found by searching the same knowledge base.