Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Reviews of Ascaron's Sacred sequel have been slow coming, with only two more surfacing over the past few days. The first is at Strategy Informer with a score of 8.2/10:
The cherry on the top is that despite all this, Sacred 2 manages to compliment the fun factor with a lush game engine. Once patched to the latest version, any previous crashes and bugs disappear and the bright, colourful fantasy world comes to life with vivid vegetation, fancy spell effects, detailed character models and charming environments. It looks the part, sounds the part and plays the part. Expect big things when this hits the consoles as the world erupts in an addiction fest all the way to level 200.

And the other is at Jolt Online Gaming with a score of 8.0/10:
We get' Sacred 2, but that's because we have past experience with the series and we're prepared to give it a chance despite its teething troubles. Not everyone will, and that's a bit of a shame but also understandable. Out of the box bugs make a mockery of Ascaron's hard work, making the difficult job of selling an already unfashionable genre even harder. But even we can recognise that despite everything, some of the sheen and charm has worn off the second time around. Whatever Ascaron has planned to make a success of next year's console releases, they have some hard work ahead.