Chrono Trigger DS Preview

GameSpot has put together an updated hands-on preview of Square Enix's upcoming Nintendo DS port of Chrono Trigger.
Part of what made Chrono Trigger so much fun the first time around was the fighting system. Instead of waging random battles, enemies are seen onscreen and you initiate the fight by approaching them. The game uses an active time-battle system, which means that enemies will continue to hit you while you're trying to figure out what commands to input. You have the option to switch to a wait mode, which pauses the game when you make a selection. Each character has a gauge that fills automatically, so you'll know when your character's next turn will be. All the playable characters in the game come with their own tech skills--special abilities that cost magic points to use. As your characters get stronger, they'll learn dual techs and even triple techs that they can perform with their party members to unleash a more powerful attack. As the game progresses, some characters will even gain the ability to use magic. If you're playing in the touch-screen mode, you can use the stylus to choose among attack, tech, and item; but if you're used to turn-based RPGs by now, you'll feel more comfortable using the D pad and A button during fights.