BioShock PS3 Q&A

A final Q&A for the BioShock PS3 port has been gathered over on 2K Games' official Cult of Rapture site.
Can you remap any buttons for the PS3 controller?

We did not offer this option for the original game, and the PS3 version doesn't change that. However, we have been listening to some feedback from the fans and understand that support for alternate control schemes is important to many gamers. While this feature will not be available for BioShock, we do understand it is an important customization and a feature many gamers like, and it is in our plan to address this in future titles.

Do you have to install BioShock? How long does that install take and how big is it?

Yes, you do have an install. It can take up to 10 minutes and is just under 5 gigs.