The Witcher Graveyard Party Mod Released

CD Projekt and REDFlame Interactive have surprised us once again by releasing a new mod for The Witcher called "The Graveyard Party".
The GRAVEYARD PARTY: "Pick your Poison!"

Welcome, warrior - today, you have been challenged to survive the Graveyard Party. There is no sense here! There is no getting out alive! There is only honor and glory of smashing your way through hordes of foes using the skills you choose!

Now, there are no limits to your choices. We've conveniently selected defensive, offensive, and evasive options for you to choose from. NOT ENOUGH? Fine! Go ahead and build it up yourself, start from scratch! It's up to you. This is all about choices in this party! Dress up as anyone you want for the harvest season: a growly dwarf with a wicked axe and an AARD to thrust away your foes. a Red Knight with a holy hammer to pound undead flesh into the soil and casts Yrden to become invulnerable. a sorceress who can summon ifrits to attack and defend her while her spells devastate the enemies. or, a witcher with his legendary steel and silver swords!

Get in here, and beat the Graveyard Party to a pulp! Pick your poison and see how long you can last!

Let us know how it is!