The Witcher Deception Interviews and Goodies

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website is hosting three separate interviews with members of the REDFlame Interactive team responsible for the game's newly released Deception mod. A little something from the Q&A with designer Aidan Nutting:
Finally: Are you looking forward to the Enhanced Edition, and if you had to have any one item from the collector's box of the Witcher game, what would it be?

Aidan: Yes, undoubtedly. We're going to see some work from other mod groups in it, better voice acting, and more models. And who doesn't want more hours of Witcher gameplay? In my eyes it wasn't even a necessary move to make, but I'm completely gracious that it happened. As for the collector's box, my choice would definitely be the art portfolio. I'm a sucker for awesome imagery of heroes that I adore. Link and Master Chief are sported on several walls in my house. Geralt shall be too. :D

While you're busy reading those, you can also download a 14MB ZIP file containing Deception-related avatars, userbars, and bonus artwork.