The Witcher Deception Adventure Released

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website brings word of the release of the first community-created adventure: Deception.
Deception is the first community adventure for The Witcher game, introducing not only a new story for the player but also unique locations, characters and functions.

The town of Carreas has been designed from the bottom up, with its own structures, textures and geographical area. Everything was kept at as high a quality as possible to reflect a society that would have actually existed and functioned in its own right. The main aim was not to let the mod lose any of the charm the original game had, not only in terms of the setting but also story. Geralt travels the land in search for more jobs to fill up his empty purse and he arrives in his journeys to Carreas. There he discovers that his all-time companion Dandelion has landed in his usual bog, out of which only Geralt might save him. The player will have to solve a murder mystery, questioning suspects and looking for clues. But in the end not only Dandelion's but also Geralt's fate will be decided through a number of different possible endings.