Drakensang: The Dark Eye Reviews

The fifth review flood summary at RPGWatch pretty much confirms that the overall reception to Drakensang: The Dark Eye is that it's "good, but not great".
  • Gamona plus video review 85%; "[...] authentic DSA in pure form."
  • GameCaptain 85%; "[...] the fantasy highlight of the year"
  • Olnigg His 154th RPG satire is funny as always, although he isn´t as critical as usually. "As an adventurehack'n'slay it deserves the rating 'masterly' and a clear purchase recommendation, but as a classic RPG it´s a disappointing partial-failure."Apart from that he mentions the same pros and cons as all the other reviews.
  • Mega-Gaming.de 84%; no link -> Warning: HTML-virus according to Avira AntiVir!
  • GameSports Broadcasting B+; a very detailed review; "challenging and demanding fights in the later game"
  • GameRadio "rating: good" (two reviewers)
  • Game7 a very positive "recommended purchase", their 2nd highest score
  • Der Westen review part3; no score; negative; frustrating combat balancing