Runic Games Interview

WarCry has published an interview with Travis Baldree about the newly formed studio Runic Games.
When was the decision made to form Runic Games?

Immediately after the dissolution of Flagship Studios, we knew we wanted to get back to doing what we'd started with Mythos. We believe that there really isn't much in the market like what we were attempting to do - an Action-RPG with a large shared MMO world, and fast-paced randomized dungeon adventuring. Our entire Seattle team is really like a family, and we knew we wanted to stick together, and this seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe sooner than we expected to be doing it - but sometimes you just have to treat life's unexpected twists as an opportunity.

How many other former Flagship employees are working at Runic?

The entire Flagship Seattle team - 14 all told - has signed onto Runic Games. They're a hugely talented group, and I couldn't be happier. The thought of our little family getting scattered to the wind was pretty awful, and I'm breathing a big sigh of relief right now that we've managed to stay together.

What type of games is Runic looking to develop?

We believe strongly in the idea behind Mythos - a fast paced Action-MMO that doesn't require enormous time commitment to play, and favors quick and visceral combat right alongside the social aspects of MMOs. That's really what we want to deliver, and we think the market could use that type of game right now.