BioShock PS3 Interview has posted an interview with 2K Games' Melissa Miller about the PS3 port of BioShock. So are the challenge rooms going to all be completely new environments or will some use areas we've already seen in BioShock on Xbox 360 and PC?

MM: Well, Ferris Wheel was actually designed for the original game and we ended up cutting it, so when we were talking about these new spaces and designing them, that was one of the first ideas that came up - there as a little sister trapped at the top of the Ferris wheel. We were like "yeah, that's really cool" and you could immediately imagine it and it fitting nicely thematically with how the little sisters have been treated in the game. We're not giving you the choice to harvest or save, but rescue her for the Ferris wheel. They really went to town with all the carnival stuff, so that's all new and just really really cool. Again, we're not talking about other rooms, but we're excited when we will be able to show them off, because it's really nice to get back into Rapture and to be making these new spaces.