BioShock PS3 E3 Preview

The crew at UGO Games Blog has kicked up some initial impressions after checking out the PS3 version of 2K Games' BioShock at E3.
The new addition was introduced to the gathered room of journalists with the image of a 50s-styled comic book cover bearing the title (Sander Cohen's Chamber of Thrills.) It basically boils down to a standalone challenge mode (pulp adventures in Rapture,) as our 2K rep referred to it in which players must complete a series of tasks using the unique tools available to Rapture's travelers. The new content will also be entirely separate from the story, to the point that it must be accessed from the game's main menu.

Each challenge is a discrete environment, completely separate from the main game but obviously maintaining Rapture's unique architectural style. The one challenge we saw was set in an amusement park-type area complete with working carnival games and EVE Hypo prizes with the goal being to rescue a Little Sister stuck at the apex of a stopped ferris wheel. In order to do this, a nearby control panel needs to be hit with electricity a total of six times.

Unfortunately, each challenge comes with its own set of available plasmids and weapons; in this case, Electro-volt was nowhere to be found. A conveniently placed shotgun and electric buck round got the party started, but from there the hunt was on. A locked-up crossbow and trap bolts got us a little further, but it wasn't until we came across the Static Discharge plasmid that the outcome seemed certain.