Why NWN2 Gold Doesn't Include Mysteries of Westgate

It was announced some time ago that NWN2 Gold does not include a key for Mysteries of Westgate. As some (online) stores selling it did sell it as including MoW, this raised a bit of a ruckus. Now a semi-official explanation for this has been given.
Hello NWN2 fans,

Sorry for the delay on this post. It was meant to go out weeks ago, but got stuck in clearance. It's actually not even completely cleared yet, but I'm going to post it anyway because you deserve a response.

Those of you who bought NWN2 Gold will not be receiving a free code for Mysteries of Westgate. The reason for this is, we felt that releasing Mysteries of Westgate as part of a bundle would diminish the value of the Adventure Pack. We've always stated that our goal is to ensure that Mysteries of Westgate receives all the attention it deserves and the best way to do that is to release it as a separate product.

As a result of NWN2 Gold not including MoW, we actually reduced the price of Gold to reflect the reduction of content in the bundle. This is something we should have announced before the release of NWN2 Gold and apologize that it is coming out after the fact.

We sincerely regret any confusion that we may have inadvertently caused regarding NWN2 Gold and Mysteries of Westgate. We are proud of both of these products and hope that you will appreciate each of them in its own light.

Thank you,

The Atari Team