The Witcher June Newsletter

CD Projekt has sent out their June newsletter for The Witcher, this time discussing the ongoing D'jinni Adventure Editor contest, a few of the game's upcoming adventures, and more. A bit about Masquerade:
(There was a murder in a merchants' caravan which stopped in the Vizima outskirts. The victim is a banker rich and respected fellow. His comrades find it difficult to resign themselves to this loss. Who could treat this good chap's life so disgracefully? Surely no other than a doppler an aberration with a hideous physiognomy, a shape-changer, a mockery of all gods and the Eternal Fire itself. It was hiding as one of mercenaries travelling with the merchants. And because this litter, this vale's disgrace run away, the crime can't be punished. Who will capture the culprit? Who will make him hang on the gallows? Efrem, the captain of the guard decided to look for a professional dealing with monsters and infernal creatures a witcher.)

Masquerade is the first adventure prepared by modding group established in March this year Ifrit. The adventure transfers the player to the outskirts known from the I Act of the original game, where the captain of the local guard is running an investigation concerning the murder of a banker from Vengerbergian caravan. Masquerade offers several hours of fun with a complicated detective plot and a few side quests. It is possible to finish the investigation in several ways. At the same time, it's the first part of a bigger saga, which leads the player into further adventures signed (made by Ifrit) and set in the world of The Witcher.