BioShock Official T-Shirt Contest

2K Games' Cult of Rapture website brings word of a new contest where fans can submit artwork for a chance to earn prizes and become the designer of an official BioShock t-shirt. In case you're wondering what's up for grabs:
So I'm sure you are wondering what the prizes are for making a kickass design for the Cult of Rapture. So here's the swag:

GRAND PRIZE: Winning design displayed on the Cult and shirts made for devoted members, two exclusive BioShock figurines, 10 of the winning shirts (you choose sizes), a BioShock artbook, and a limited edition BioShock poster signed by 2K Marin

THREE RUNNER-UPS: Designs made into wallpapers and downloadable on the Cult of Rapture, a winning shirt in the size of your choice, a BioShock artbook.