The Witcher Worldwide Project Announced

CD Projekt RED sent us over a note announcing a new community-oriented project in which fans can submit a picture of their copy of The Witcher sitting somewhere interesting in the world.
A new exciting action is going on - The Witcher Worldwide Project!

Rules are simple:

Make a photo of The Witcher box in some unique/funny/interesting place (it really don't have to be KaerMorhen). Just take your camera, be imaginative and surprise us! Tell us a little bit of where are you from, and who you are.

And one more thing you are planning some vacation trip? Take Witcher box with you (it's not heavy for crying out loud)! It also deserves break from time to time. Mountain trip? Sunbathing? Give him something from life and send us pictures!

You can send any such pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The team is also actively seeking more fan art and fan fiction for the game's official website, so get your submissions in if you haven't already!