The Witcher D'jinni Adventure Editor Contest Winner

CD Projekt RED has announced that Simon Brooke and Game WIdow's "Birth, and Virgins" project has won the first stage of their D'jinni Adventure Editor contest.
We are happy to announce that project "Birth, and Virgins" written by Simon Brooke and Game Widow won the first stage of our contest!


We also present other projects, which were appreciated by The Witcher designers.
Artur Ganszyniec (Lead designer of The Witcher and Katarzyna Kuczyńska (designer of The Witcher) added their comments to all presented projects.

Comments are added to the project files.

WINNER - "Birth, and Virgins" - Simon Brooke and Game Widow (read)

- "Cursed Village" - Master Samurai X (read)
- "The Killing Fields" - Eleftheria, Giorgos Chrysochoos (read)
- "Blade of Atonement" - Roman Zorin (read)