The Witcher D'jinni Adventure Editor Plot Sample

CD Projekt RED designer Katarzyna Kuczyńska has released a PDF containing a sample plot for those of you looking for a little inspiration before participating in their D'jinni Adventure Editor contest. A quick look at the storyline:
Velika, a young noblewoman decided to run away from an unwanted marriage with baron Ceysens and become a Melitele priestess. She is on her way to the shrine in Wyzima. Her would-be husband sent Iskar with a troop of henchmen after her he is supposed to convince the girl to change her mind providing she won't be harmed in any way. Velika is not intending even to meet with Iskar, she doesn't want to hear about the marriage anymore. On the other hand, when staying in the village struck by plague, she started to realise that the life of priestess may not be a bed of roses as she thought it would be. Iskar and his men reside in the inn and terrorise the village people, the situation grows tense. Then, Geralt arrives to the site and both sides want to use him to achieve their goals.