Project RPB Interview

PC Igre has cranked out a fourteen-question interview with Piranha Bytes' Ralf Marczinczik about their upcoming RPG, which still carries the label of "Project RPB."
10. How will the gameworld look like? We would really like to see more of that handcrafted world we already saw in the Gothic series.

Well- you will have that! No generated landscapes for us. No sir. Again, everything is handcrafted and placed. And we have some graphic-artists like Sascha Henrichs, who have an amazing feeling for nature-objects like stone and plants.

11. The combat system in Gothic 3 received a lot of negative criticism. Have you changed something and what will the combat system look like in RPB Project?

Mike Hoge, our lead game-designer built a new fight system from the ground up. The criticism for G3 had quite an effect on him. And at the moment, he seems quite happy with the result lets hope the players will feel that way also.