The Witcher Review

India Times took the time to review The Witcher, considering it a game that finds a kind of golden middle path between RPG and action.
Based on The Last Wish, a 1990 Polish fantasy novel, the characters in the game seem like real people with no clear divide between good and evil. In fact, the game is, at best, morally grey, as you have to make decisions that can have serious consequences on the storyline.

As for the graphics, they are in line with most modern games. The art deserves a mention though. The extensive landscapes are beautifully drawn and very immersive. And yes, this means that older machines will break The Witcher's visual spell as they croak and groan while rendering the art.

The art is well backed up by the audio. The background score is quite effective and can be extremely creepy at times. Seriously, there is nothing like a night trip to the crypt to raise the hair on your neck. Unfortunately, the dialogues of the game are a damp squib. Lines like (Hey babe) are really out of sync with the game.