The Witcher D'jinni Adventure Editor Interview

IGN's The Witcher Vault is offering up a short interview with CD Projekt RED's Mateusz Kanik about the soon-to-be-released D'jinni Adventure Editor.
What type of experience will someone need if they would like to use the toolkit to create a mod?

Toolset is dedicated rather to experienced moders. But it also depends on what we want to do with it. Displaying placeables on the map, creating dialogues or simple quests are tasks which can be handled by anyone with the slightest ardor. Building a vast adventure however, scripting elements or creating entirely new models - these are the tasks for experienced people. This is almost the same tools that we used to create The Witcher game. So it has really hudge possibilities, but on the other hand, it's rather hard to master. That's why we want to support modding community as much as we can.