The Witcher Developer Blog Updates

CD Projekt RED's Kasia Kuczynska, Daniel Sadowski, and Piotr Chomiak have all updated their blogs over at IGN. Kasia talks about the people who contributed to The Witcher's plot, Daniel talks about "the hole" in their office, and Piotr talks about creating animations for The Witcher Enhanced Edition. Let's quote that last one:
We're working on (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition,) and improved and enhanced version of The Witcher. The changes are numerous: the number of bugs is somewhere around 0, we've improved models, GUI, lightning, etc.; some of which we just couldn't realistically fit in before the game was released. Newly coloured models and a bigger number of textures will defeat the army of the clones.

Animation is a separate thing here, criticism struck my heart (and the heart of the guy responsible for the budget) and the plan of enhancement is particularly wide. Two days of mo-cap, one with an actor, one with an actress in order to record what hurt us most dialogues. We're implementing a couple hundred new, fresh animations of talking itself. That's a lot. Additionally, we're implementing some small, however visible animation on layers eyes, faces, hands. The effect is not crushing yet, but we're doing what we can :P

In the meantime, new official adventures are being created. Here, things are done without preparing new graphics (only some new characters and items :P), so that's what players will be able to do really soon with D'jinni at their disposal.