Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

EA Mythic's Joanne Laroche has added yet another entry to the long-running Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A series on the Camelot Herald.
Q. I have a Tailor with skills that are at 1156, but I can not craft the last item due to the fact that my leather level is only 1058 and it needs to be 1065. My question is if you are training in one skill, shouldn't you be able to make everything in that skill without the secondaries?

A. The Lady of the Jewels was more then happy to explain a bit about crafting: In our tradeskill system, certain skills like Tailoring require that sub skills such as Leatherworking and Clothworking be kept at a certain level for recipes that require those sorts of material. If you find yourself getting too low on a sub skill to craft certain recipes, the best way to level the sub skill is to find another tradeskill that uses it and start leveling it. For example, if a Tailor needs to level their Leatherworking, they can work on Weaponcraft which uses Leatherworking for weapon hilts.