The Witcher February Newsletter

CD Projekt has sent out their February newsletter for The Witcher, spotlighting the game's upcoming Enhanced Edition, their new fansite program, and more.
In May of this year, a completely new and improved version of The Witcher will appear in stores, further improving the game considered by many players and media as the best cRPG of 2007! The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will be a completely polished product. Changes include the removal of technical issues that have kept players from fully enjoying the game, which means loading times that are 80% shorter, improved stability of the game on different system configurations, as well as a whole array of smaller fixes that will increase interactivity and precision in combat. The English-language version will be further improved, as some fans felt the English dialogue suffered from decreased immersion and atmosphere. Speaking of language versions, most of them will be more or less improved. Significant changes will also be made in the German version, where it is planned to re-record the voices for many of the characters. Other changes will include, among many other things, more than 50 new supporting character models, a new inventory panel and more than 100 new animated gestures to increase the game's visual appeal in dialogue scenes.

Aside from the value-packed retail version, the new content and improvements (including a DVD with the D'jinii Mod Editor, as well as two additional adventures) will be available to registered users in the form of a free downloadable update!

Detailed information concerning the Enhanced Edition can be found at

Additional info may be found in this special movie about Enhanced Edition.