The Witcher January Newsletter

CD Projekt has sent out their January newsletter for The Witcher, which includes a blurb from designer Kasia Kuczyńska about the game's upcoming D'jinni toolset.
Kasia Kuczyńska, The Witcher game designer

Soon, all the fans will be given a special toolset (D'jinni). In order to satisfy curiosity of those awaiting, Kasia Kuczyńska (designer at CD Projekt RED) gives away some essential info about (D'jinni).

"Game designer's job is not only inventing the plot of a computer game but most of all transferring their ideas into game mechanics, so that the story would be more interesting and clear for the player. D'jinni is a mod editor which allows creating a plot in the form of quests' structure, dialogs, characters present in the game's world, monsters, locations and various situations that the player could encounter on different levels of the game. It's not an easy task, that's why D'jinni is a complex and extensive tool and learning all of its functions took me a lot of time. As a matter of fact, even these days I discover some new, better way of implementing a given plot's element. Through the whole process of creating (The Witcher) D'jinni was actually being improved, supplemented and altered becoming more and more perfect tool adjusted to our needs. Thanks to that every user will be given a chance of telling their story in a way they imagined and putting the players into their world. This effect is worth the effort put into mastering all the options offered by D'jinni."