The Witcher Review and Character Interview

GrrlGamer has published an enthusiastic review of The Witcher, as well as a fictional interview with Geralt of Rivia. The review's conclusion:
Aside from a few random crashes and not being able to name my saved game files, I have nothing to complain about. The Witcher has climbed to the top of my favorite games list, and I'm now anxiously awaiting the book release. It's not exactly easy on the system requirements, but if you have a computer that can run it, get it. Action/RPG fans will be more than pleased with the experience. I know I am.

And a snip from the interview:
Character Interview: Geralt of Rivia
by Didi Cardoso
Born of a witch and a warrior, as a child Geralt went through a series of trials and training, gaining almost superhuman physical and mental abilities. The White Wolf has become extremely popular through his many monster hunts and quests, being one of the best and the few remaining Witchers alive.

We manage to take The Witcher away from his monster-slaying for a short while to ask him a few questions and get to know him better.

Didi: Welcome Geralt, thank you so much for coming. For everyone who hasn't followed your adventures, would you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

Geralt of Rivia: I gladly would, but I can't remember.

D: Oh, right... typical videogame cliche, amnesia. Fortunately, we already know. But for those who don't, Geralt has been through a series of tests and mutations which made him what he is today, a Witcher. He was also apparently killed by an angry mob and somehow brought back to life with no recollection of past events.

GoR: ... I knew that.

D: Can you tell us what is it you do as a Witcher?

GoR: I kill things, usually not for free. Got something that needs killing?

D: Uhh.. no. Well, maybe a few spiders, but...

GoR: Giant spiders?

D: No, they're normal spiders, just bugs.

GoR: I'll do it for 200 orens.

D: What? No!

GoR: How about 100?

D: No! I can kil my own spiders if I need to. Can we please go back to the interview now?

GoR: Sure. What is this for anyway?

D: For the Grrlgamer readers.

GoR: What's that, Grrlgamer?

D: We're a group of girls who like playing games, so we have this site...

GoR: Wait. You're telling me there's only girls working here? (grins pervertedly)

D: Yes... (moves chair back a little looking suspicious) In a way, but each of us works from our own home.

GoR: So, you play games... do you also play dice poker?

D: Not really... well, I have, on occasion.

GoR: Up for some strip dice poker, then?

D: What?! No!

GoR: (shrugs) Worth a try... How about a drinking game? I brought some Mahakaman Mead and Zerrikanian Spirit... looks like I'm all out of Cherry Cordial though, girls usually like that.

D: I thought those were potion bottles?

GoR: Yeah... a lot of people do. (smirks and takes a sip of mead) Want some?

D: No, thanks. I'm really not much of a drinker.

GoR: (rummages in his satchel and pulls out a little bottle) Nilfgaardian Lemon? It's a type of vodka, very refreshing.

D: Tempting... but no, thank you. Could we please try to focus just a little on the interview now?