BioShock Interview

1UP had the opportunity to fire over a handful of questions to 2K Games' Ken Levine about the development and ongoing success of BioShock.
1UP: Going forward, what are going to be the biggest challenges to continuing the franchise with a BioShock sequel?

KL: The first game set a pretty high bar. Sequels are always going to be a challenge because expectations are way up there.

1UP: The Northeast ain't exactly the hotbed of game development. Where are you finding your talent?

KL: Having a hit game makes recruitment a lot easier. I remember the early days of recruiting on System Shock 2, we'd get some pretty depressing resumes. But we're extremely selective. It took us ten years to build the team that made BioShock.

Anyone catch that Gamecock nightmare during Levin's speech at the Spike VGAs? I didn't even know about it until now, but just watching that short clip makes me realize why video games don't get nearly as much respect as they should. The Game of the Year's logo painted on a half-naked woman? Classy.