The Witcher Review

Game Industry News has reviewed the Witcher, opening the review with the remark that "RPGs grow up". They give the game a 4.5/5.
A lot has been made of the sex in the game, but I don't think this is really a big deal, though I am glad it was included since I think this is missing from most RPGs. Although sterile, Geralt can have sex a lot. And since he is also immune to disease, sex is pretty much just a good time for him. When you have sex with a woman in the game, you get a little card in your journal that shows her in a sexy pose. This is not much more intense than most fantasy art calendars, and Atari has covered up all the breasts in the American version of the game or used PhotoShop to airbrush out nipples, making it even more tame. (You can import the British version of the game if you want them added back in, since they are included there.) Given that, gasp, adults do have sex from time to time, I think including this in a realistic game is an element missing from most titles. Kudos to the developers for adding it in, especially if that follows the works of Sapkowski. In a sense this is like the dice rolling (Yahtzee poker) or boxing mini-games included here in that it just makes the game a little more interesting. And if you are a prude, you never have to have sex with anyone. You can simply say, no to the hot and wanton women who offer themselves to you. (yea, right!)