The Witcher Developer Blogs

CD Projekt has announced that several of the key developers responsible for The Witcher - Kasia Kuczyńska, Daniel Sadowski, Piotr Chomiak, Łukasz Mach, and Piotr Szymański - have translated their Polish blogs and posted them to IGN. Piotr Chomiak's entry about company structure:
Each developer making games has 8 main departments (sometimes 6 if they make games for orally and aurally challenged or 4 if they make them for idiots). Depending on game type those departments may be more or less rich in people. And here's the list:

1. The board of directors
2. Design
3. Graphics
4. Programming
5. Music and sound
6. PR
7. Testing
8. IT

Underdevelopment of any of these departments results in creating games that are ugly, stupid, silent (because you turn off the sound after 0,3 sec of playing); games numbered 1.1141566, untested; games that were developed 2 times longer (project managing) and games that were not sold at all (PR) or didn't come to life at all (no cash from the producer).